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Hailed as “exceptional...[with] a beautiful and powerful voice,” by The Harlem Globe, Adore Alexander is a budding American artist known for his captivating performances which incorporate contemporary literature and gems of the past.

While at Morehouse College, he was featured frequently as a soloist with the Morehouse College Glee Club and as a member of the Morehouse Quartet. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Music and studied with Dr. Mel Foster. He received his Master’s degree in Voice and Opera Performance from Northwestern University where he studied with W. Stephen Smith.

Alexander has had the pleasure of embodying masterworks such as Britten’s Canticle II: Abraham & Isaac, Pergolessi’s Stabet Mater, Durufle’s Requiem, Orff’s Carmina Burana, Bach’s Magnificat, and Vivaldi’s Gloria to name a few. He has championed creating out of the box recitals, such as his acclaimed work, Shelter, that challenged his audience on concepts of the Black psyche and post traumatic slave syndrome.


His community work as an artist continues to focus on telling new stories that give a platform to marginalized voices. Alexander is constantly seeking groundbreaking ways to collaborate with composers and artists to enhance the classical music narrative that showcase (the same) works written by (the same) white men from centuries ago. Instead, Alexander believes that through performance, we can hold a mirror to the world and allow it to see itself, in all its shades and experiences. 




"His voice rose to a brilliant stratospheric high note, which brought forth a howling ovation from the audience."

- John Frayne, The News Gazette

"Alexander’s fluid and beautifully articulated performance ended with a dramatic one octave rise to a high B-flat, a full two octaves higher than his opening note. The crowd burst into sustained applause"

- Stephanie Kulke, Northwestern Now


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